We offer our customers 30.000 m² of logistical space in the port of Nuremberg, the biggest distributional center for goods in southern Germany with trimodal connection (barge – rail – road).

- Open space storing

- 14.000 m² inhousing for modern logistics

- Space for 6.000 pallets in high-level-shelves

- Side-ramps and gates

- IT-based warehousing administration

- Scanning for in and out-taking

- Conventional warehouse and handling also for non-palletisized goods

- Heavy-duty shelves

- Modern depot

- Modern logistics, from assembling, commissioning, packaging to labeling

- Informational system via EDI in all nets for stock and controlling, also for returns and their handling

- Interfaces to further product areas

We obtain the possibility to offer you an alternative to your logistical requests on various bases in Europe.

In our warehouse we provide flexible logistical solutions: from short-term storage to cross-docking or the complete out-sourcing of your logistics. To reach an optimum of efficiency we respond flexibly to our customer’s requests.

These warehousing services contain as a central part of the supply chain also the disposition and distribution of your goods. Respecting the storing strategies and requests for commissioning and its techniques, we offer individual, trade-specific solutions.