ILN International Logistic Network in 53489 Sinzig

ILN International Logistic Network is a Europe-wide operating cooperation of 200 medium-sized logistic companies.

At the moment our network has over 24 Trans-Shipment-Points (TSP). These are connected to each other with direct traffic by night.

Besides their function as regional hubs these TSP serve as a gateway for general cargo traffic from and to everywhere in Europe.

Network more profitably – the logistics network for the medium-sized business presents itself!

The LogCoop GmbH seating in Meerbusch is a logistical network for medium-sized companies in the transport and logistics sector. Fast exchange of information, optimized transport and logistics management as well as bounded marketing and acquisition activities provide advantages on the market for our members.

LogCoop is the biggest german-wide medium-sized storing network. We can offer a storing space everywhere in Germany for our customers.